History and Mission

“World-class service delivered by world-class professionals.”

Monti enjoys a 40-year history of success stories that range from small apartment moves to celebrity mansion moves, from a “just around the block” move to an “across the globe move,” and from personal to corporate. It is a point of pride for Monti that many of our customers are repeat clients, and many more are referrals from satisfied clients. With professionalism and performance at the cornerstone of every Monti move, our certified moving experts have an unfaltering commitment to excellence and top-of-the-line personalized service.
We at Monti have successfully employed our “Personal Touch” service in a simple and sensible manner that brings peace of mind to your otherwise stressful move. From consultation and planning to packing, shipping and storage, our complete range of services and our years of experience in overseas and interstate moving will make your move a safer, easier and more pleasant experience.