“The MONTI ‘Greater Flexibility’ Service”

If you find yourself in need of temporary storage, Monti can take care of that as well. We will arrange to have the shipment placed into temporary storage at one of our full service moving and storage facilities strategically located in major markets throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. This service gives our clients greater flexibility and the comfort of knowing their possessions are being stored in a secure and modern warehouse facility.

Our warehouse facilities offer:

  • Modern, Secure Storage Facilities
  • Remotely monitored security surveillance systems - 24 hour
  • Annual plumbing, electrical, fire systems compliance checks


Apartment Deliveries

Most building management companies require a Certificate of Insurance from the movers when moving in or out. This is a document that shows that Monti carries the required insurances such as Workers Compensation insurance, general liability insurance and so on.

Please give us your management company's information when you schedule your move so that we can have our insurance agent fax the certificate to your building management company.